The Paintings of etel adnan

One of the things that usually draws us to a painting is color.

We all love certain colors and there's nothing better than finding them, working in harmony, in a painting.

It's one of the things I love about Etel Adnans paintings. They've been a massive influence on my work.

Her love of the “Immediate beauty of colour” means her bold abstract compositions reflect not only the hues of nature and landscape, but also give a strong feeling of place; whether this is real or imaginary it has it’s roots deep in the idea that colour can give meaning to existence.

As she says herself: “Color is the sign of the existence of life. . . . I exist because I see colors.”

Adnans early paintings are inspired by the areas of Arizona and California where she lived, with blocks of color denoting the landscape. Bands of various hues represent the earth, sky and sea, with mountains and sun all represented in areas of palette knife swiped paint.

Being able to connect with the condition of her environment and reflect upon it in such a passionate and joyful way is what make these paintings so great for me.

I hope I can strive for something even approaching this in my own work… Check out more of her work here.

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