On the Trail - How to Find Inspiration - Wolfie Crane
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On the Trail – How to Find Inspiration

On the Trail – How to Find Inspiration

I often head out looking for something to kick-start my imagination. There are trails, paths and promises in every direction. The pull of the familiar drags me back to the same places; the draw of the new sends me in different directions.

It’s easy to get lost when looking for something to work on next. But, I like being lost. It’s how I find my work. In the jumble of briars lies a thorn that catches my eye. Amongst immeasurable grains of sand a fragment of shell offers a shade of violet that seems freshly conceived.

I start small. Close-up. In amongst it, searching out shape, line, the turn of a silhouette. Colours get me going. I like to mix and match, overlaying things in my mind and on paper. This how I start. Snapshots and sketches.

Back in the studio I spend more time sifting through what I’ve collected. Working into sketchbooks from photographs, from other sketches, beginning to draw things together. I can picture a destination. I have a process, a loose one, and it always seems to lead me somewhere.