You know it's important to slow down a little and take some time out for yourself.

Paintings can give us the time to think about what’s important.

Surrounding yourself with art you love reminds you of the things you hold dear.


It's easy to forget what is important in the madness of everyday life. Paintings give you something to turn to when you want to re-establish this connection.

Take a moment in front of a painting.

When you observe a painting you see reflected there some experience of your own. A connection with the deep feelings that make you human.

Being present in the moment, you slow down and the stress of daily life recedes a little.

When I paint I try to capture some experience or emotion of my own. Hopefully an experience that resonates with you. The painting is a token of this shared experience.


Hi, I’m Wolfie Crane. I like to connect with people through my work.

I love spending time outdoors.

What I really love is walking in the hills and along the coast near my home in Ireland. It’s from these walks that I draw most of my inspiration.

I’m constantly in awe of the world around me and the way it makes me feel so insignificant. It’s not just the vast landscapes that inspire me but also the small things; like the colour of stone or the crest of a wave.

It’s the essence of these things and how they make me feel that I hope comes through in my paintings.

I'd like to think that other people share a similar response to the world. That my paintings might make you pause for a moment and spend some time observing and reflecting.

So, how did I get here?

Well, in 2010 I was diagnosed with ME/CFS, a chronic disease that limits what I can do from day to day.

I started painting in 2013 at the age 35 (I know, I like to leave things late!). By this time, the symptoms of my illness had become milder. I decided it was time to take back some of the control it had taken from me.

Painting also became a sort of therapy for me. Concentrating on something and being in the moment helped me relax. This in turn had a positive effect on my health.

It just grew (very slowly) from there. It's been tough at times but I've managed to keep going. I’ve found that if you work consistently, even at slow pace, eventually you turn around and find you've created something good.

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