About - Wolfie Crane
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About Wolfie

They say it’s OK if something breaks: you can just rebuild it, make it better….


It was 2010 when I broke.


I got sick and then I just never got better; turns out I’d developed ME or chronic fatigue syndrome.


Before that I’d been super active. Spending lots of time outdoors, literally running up and down mountains – for fun!


And then one day I couldn’t do it anymore.


When you’re chronically ill, it takes a long time to come to terms with the fact that you may never get better, never get you’re old life back.


For three years it was all I could do to get through each day. I barely had the energy to put one foot in front of the other.


But then I started to feel a little better; the fog lifted a little and I began to accept my new, different life. I began to take back some control as I learned how to pace myself and save my energy for the things that are most important to me.


As I was taking back control I was also looking forward, knowing I would need something new to drive me on. Something I would love to do and could maintain on limited resources.


I decided to paint.


To be fair, I’d undertaken artistic endeavors before: I used to make video art and even exhibited work in a few galleries. I also gained an MA in Fine Art. But at some point around that time I lost the will to create, so I put my creativity on hold and moved to Ireland, where I got a job, settled down and started running.


Then, like I said, I got sick.


So now I paint and I use the landscape of Ireland to inspire my work. Just as my love of the outdoors fueled my running before, it now feeds my imagination.


Whether it’s the hills or valleys, the forests or the coast, I aim to capture it’s essence and express it through my art. The drama of ancient landscape reflected in colour and texture.



I like to share what I’m up to and when I have new work available with my mailing list first: